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The Functions Of The Affidavit Of Property Value In Arizona

The Affidavit of Property Value in Arizona is a form that has been created by Arizona Department of Revenue. It is required by the Arizona law (ARS § 11-1133) and is to be simultaneously recorded with all deed transfers. Exceptions can be made only when a person has a proper and justified exemption code. The Affidavit of Property Value in Arizona is also sometimes referred to as "Affidavit of Value". The main purpose of this Affidavit is to effectively disclose information regarding the sale of a real property. Anytime a property gets sold, a deed is recorded so that the record of the actual transfer can be made public.

Information to be included in the Affidavit of Property Value in Arizona

There are a number of important information that should be included in the affidavit when this deed is effectively recorded with County Recorder's Office. These include the following:

• The Parcel Number

• The sales price

• Property Address

• The type of property

• The method used for financing

• The address for sending Property Tax Bill

• Name and Address of the Seller and Buyer

• Relationship between the Seller and Buyer (if any)

• Any kind of solar energy efficient components

• Any personal property that is included along with the sale

Once the information has been recorded, it made a public record. The information can then be seen by anyone and can be used for determining the property taxes as well as for establishing the value for carrying out comparable sales. For more information about getting an affidavit in Delaware, please visit this website.

Getting a Affidavit of Property Value in Arizona

Once you have decided to use the Affidavit of Property Value in Arizona, you can search for an affidavit sample from one of the leading online websites that offer an extensive collection of legal forms to download and use. Please visit this website for more info about rental lease contract.

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