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DID Number-All You Need to Know About It

What is DID phone technology

DID number is a very essential element of phone calling technology. DID means direct inward dialing. This is that kind of phone services that phone calling companies make use of to call one company. Companies who make use of normal phone calling are using PBX systems. PBX stands for private branch exchange systems. When you use DID, then phone companies allot you with more phone numbers. You can use these numbers to call more clients and make them your permanent customers. You can use DID phone calling technology in many ways. Take for example you can use this technology to send voice mails, you can also send FAX with it. You can also have live chat conferences with more than one person on the phone with the help of DID.

Know the features of DID numbers

A DID number is the symbol of effective phone calling technology at a reduced cost. Previously most offices used to have different phone calling devices for each individual phone device with a cable wire. This created a hectic work load for the phone calling staff. To solve this issue DID phone technology was introduced. In this technology more than one phone number can be allotted to a single phone device. This is the greatest feature of DID and you will like it well. Thus with the help of this system single phone devices are having as many phone numbers that will help your customers to call at any one.

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