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Choosing Fashion Careers

Having a fashion background allows individuals to work in different careers such as accessories designers, fashion models and visual merchandisers.

Finding an enjoyable and creative career can involve working in the fashion industry. Some people view working in the fashion industry as a fun job filled with international travel, high-profile celebrities and wealth. According to editors who will write my essay for free, working in the fashion industry requires discipline and the ability to change directions similar to other industries, including advertising, technology or education.

Individuals who seek a fashion career have a variety of choices. A fashion model is a common career choice, since it represents glamour and travel. Other fashion careers include working as accessories designers or visual merchandisers. Since fashion is competitive industry, some students complete formal education for better career options.

Job applicants can enter the fashion industry without completing a formal education or training. Some employers hire job applicants and provide on-the-job experience, including working with senior employees and providing employee progress reports.

Accessories Designers, Fashion Models and Visual Merchandisers

Accessories designers help create scarves, handbags and gloves. Employees hire designers who have completed post-high school training such as a certificate program or a bachelor's degree. Degree options include fashion merchandising and fashion design. Some courses taken by accessories designers include the history of fashion and accessory designing. A May 2008 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the average salary for fashion designers as $61,160.

Fashion models work with other fashion professionals, ranging from fashion photographers to fashion stylists. These fashion professionals are hired to model clothing and accessories. A formal education is not required for working as a fashion model. As of March 2010, shows an average salary for fashion models is $82,000 per year.

Visual merchandisers assists with the creation of visual product displays in stores, including hanging visual displays and placing clothes on store mannequins. Qualifications include a bachelor's degree in visual merchandising or coursework in fashion design. As of March 2010, shows the average salary for visual merchandisers is $31,000 per year.

Additional Qualifications for Working in Fashion

Finding a fashion job depends on a combination of education, custom writing skills, and experience. Fashion models possess a sense of style and know how to work with clothes or accessories. Clients hire fashion models who work well with others and follow directions.

Accessories designers and visual merchandisers need an eye for detail, creative talent and time management skills. These fashion professionals are expected to work within deadlines and complete projects within a client's budget.

Exploring career options in the fashion industry can led to a creative, lucrative career. Individuals can start with researching different fashion careers, including speaking with fashion experts and reading fashion-related books or magazines.

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