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Incentive Ideas for Your Sales Reps

There's no better way to motivate your team to crush sales goals than by providing incentives. Incentives reward your hardest-working reps and do a lot to boost morale and overall satisfaction. With a good sales engagement platform, you can keep track of performance and use incentives to reward a job well done.

Here are some excellent incentive ideas to excite your team and boost productivity across the board.

Monetary Bonuses

Of course, you can't go wrong with monetary bonuses. The chance to pad their paycheck is enough to motivate most sales representatives.

Cash bonuses are the easiest route to go. However, you can also increase sales commissions, provide an opportunity for profit-sharing, or even offer up company stock.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are similar to monetary bonuses. However, they often give people the license to indulge in things they wouldn't usually buy for themselves.

You can go with a standard Visa or Mastercard gift card they can use anywhere. Alternatively, store-specific options can be a big hit!

Travel and Experience Vouchers

Who doesn't love experiencing new things outside of the office? Travel vouchers are available for plane tickets, cruise fares, hotels, and more.

Another great option is a ticket to a live show or concert. Think outside of the box and try offering things like skydiving or bungee jumping for those more adventurous members of your team.

More Time Off

More PTO is always appealing. Offering more sick days, vacation days, or PTO hours is a great incentive.

Published Features

Not every incentive has to cost your company tons of money. Sometimes, some old-fashioned recognition is all they need. Many organizations do regular features on top-performing sales reps.

You can publish them to the company website or company newsletter for a bit of company fame.

Tangible Goodies

Last but not least, you can use products your sales team wants as an incentive. Think outside of the box and create a fun gift bag! You can include hot tech items, tasty food, and more. The sky's the limit.

Keeping Your Sales Team Motivated

Sales incentives go a long way in pushing your company's potential further and further. With the best sales engagement platform and some killer incentives, you'll have no problem keeping your team working towards greatness month after month.

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