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Why Water is a Key Component to Increasing Your Metabolism

One of the most common questions people have when trying to lose weight is, "How do I boost my metabolism?" Your metabolism is how your body transforms food into energy. Those with higher metabolism levels can burn more calories throughout the day, leading to significantly more weight loss potential.

While you can take metabolism boosters and drink a ton of caffeine, the best thing you can do to burn more calories is to drink more water!

How Water Affects Your Metabolism

Staying hydrated is a must. Your body needs water to function correctly. Without it, many biological processes start to slow down. That includes your metabolism.

Did you know that dehydration slows your metabolic rate by around 3 percent? That doesn't sound like much, but it's a significant decline.

By contrast, drinking around 17 ounces of water can boost your metabolism by as much as 30 percent! That applies to both men and women. So ditch the caffeine and down a bottle of water. Stay hydrated throughout the day, and you can become a lean, mean, calorie-burning machine.

Water and Fat

Another huge perk of drinking water is encouraging your body to get rid of fat. Water is a great universal cleanser. When you drink a lot of water, it helps eliminate waste throughout the body. During your weight loss journey, the goal is to shed as much metabolized fat as possible.

When water plumps your cells up, they purge fat and shrink. Water weight is a common concern among those trying to lose weight. While water can weigh you down, it does more to eliminate fat than most people realize.

Of course, water can also cleanse other parts of the body. It helps flush toxins from filtering organs like your kidneys and liver, keeps food moving through your system, and more. Plus, it helps with muscle recovery and fatigue.

How Do I Boost My Metabolism?

Drinking plenty of water during the day can significantly improve your metabolic rate. Leave the soda and sugary drinks behind in favor of crisp, refreshing water. Your body will thank you!

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