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Tips To Increase Your Flexibility

Flexibility allows your body to achieve daily tasks like walking, reaching, and bending. When joints become inflamed or stiff, flexibility can suffer, making even mundane tasks painful and challenging. When this happens, you can even damage muscles and joints by pushing yourself too hard.

The good news is that most people can improve their flexibility with just a few simple exercises. If you're facing flexibility challenges, below are some tips:

Don't Bounce When You Stretch

One common misconception about stretching is that you should bounce your joints when you've reached the furthest point of a stretch. This move was popularized in the 1980s, and it continues to exist in popular media, despite being incorrect.

Instead, stretch your joints and hold the pose for about 10 seconds. You don't have to push yourself beyond what is comfortable, but try to reach the furthest point you can comfortably and then stop and hold. Bouncing can cause joint damage, but holding allows muscles and joints to loosen naturally.

Cool Down After a Workout

You can also improve your flexibility by taking steps to cool down after a strenuous workout. When you've been exercising hard for any length of time, your muscles and joints can become tired and sore. This is due to minor inflammation, and this inflammation can lead to difficulty with flexibility.

Instead of hitting the shower straight from an intense workout, consider taking some time to gradually cool down. A post workout cool down can involve some light stretching, particularly of the muscles and joints you've focused on during exercise. Your post workout cool down period doesn't have to be long, but take a few minutes to let your muscles and joints gradually relax for great flexibility throughout the rest of the day. Find post workout cool down exercises by visiting this website.

Stretch Often

During a workout and throughout the day, take time to stretch. In between lifting weights, look for opportunities to stretch. While at the office, stand up and stretch at least once an hour. By engaging in light stretching all day long, you're less likely to run into joint problems after a workout.

Disclaimer: The above is intended for informational purposes only. Speak with your doctor to address any medical concerns you have related to pain, exercise, or flexibility.

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