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Is Influencer Marketing Effective?

With the rise of social media has come the introduction of the influencer role. An influencer is akin to a traditional celebrity in that an influencer is someone who has a large following on social media or through online video streaming channels. The influencer can be anyone, but because these people have influence over large groups of people, they make good ambassadors for products and services.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Paying an influencer to market a product or service is at the core of influencer marketing. Once again, this is much like the traditional celebrity endorsement deal, where someone who holds an influential position gets paid to promote a product. When you partner with an influencer to market something, you're paying for the exposure, but you're also paying for the trust that is built into the influencer's relationship with their audience.

How to Manage Influencer Relationships

Companies that rely on influencer marketing will need to work with an influencer's management team in most cases. Influencer marketing payouts will generally be governed by a contract, and your business may need to make influencer marketing payouts once per quarter or on a per-service basis. Click here for more information about influencer marketing payouts API.

You should also keep an eye on whom the top influencers are in your industry. Paying for influencer marketing from someone who doesn't speak to your core demographic isn't going to do your company much good, so be cautious about who you approach to handle your influencer marketing.

Track Influencer Behavior

In keeping with the above, one of the risks involved in influencer marketing is the level of control your business has over an influencer's behavior. While you may have a contract in place that details what the influencer may or may not do in the public eye, you can't control every aspect of an influencer's life.

If you've partnered with an influencer, and they decide to go off on an offensive tirade during a live stream event, your company's reputation could suffer as a result. As such, it would be a good idea to regularly monitor content produced by any influencer with whom you do business.

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