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Why It's Important to Have a Safe Space When You're Queer

Gender identity issues can be complicated, and when you identify as queer, there may be times when you feel as though no one truly understands you. You may not even know how you feel at times. While the world judges you from one angle, you may also have internal judgments that can eat away at your self-confidence. All of these factors combined can make the world feel like a very scary place, and this is where having a safe space to retreat to can be very helpful.

Safe Spaces Are What You Make Them

A safe space doesn't have to be a specific physical place. Instead, it can be a frame of mind. The truth is that life can be hard, and you may not always have access to a physical location where you can go to feel safe and free from judgment.

Instead, you may consider working with an LGBTQ counsellor to create safe spaces in your mind when things get tough. Your LGBTQ counsellor may be able to provide you with strategies to deal with the harsh realities of life without the need to find a physical safe space.

Safe Spaces for Thinking and Quiet

If you can retreat to a physical safe space, consider using your time there to think and remain quiet and contemplative. Safe spaces can be used to simply be, meaning they can be places where you can feel free to exist without the need to constantly prove yourself. By using your time in a safe space wisely, you can maximize the effectiveness of these spaces to make life easier outside your safe space.

Prepare Yourself

It's also worth noting that, as important as safe spaces are, you will need to prepare to live outside of them as a queer individual. The world is still going to be there, so it would be a good idea to take control of the situation and determine how you're going to let judgments affect you going forward. You have the power within you to determine how much of an effect judgment has on your validation, and this means you have the power to control your reaction to judgment.

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