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4 Signs You Are Going Through Menopause

Menopause is a natural process that women typically go through in their 40s and 50s. It's different for everyone, and some experience it later than others.

Known by many as "the change of life," it marks the end of a woman's reproductive years. Reproductive hormones naturally decline, causing many uncomfortable symptoms. So how do you know that you're going through menopause? Here are a few signs to look for, letting you know it's time to get online menopause care. Embrace a new chapter of wellness! Discover personalized online menopause care on this website.

Menstrual Irregularity

Before you go through menopause, you may experience a period of perimenopause. During that time, periods can become irregular. You may notice that you skip periods every so often, and they become unpredictable.

Care providers don't diagnose menopause until it's been at least 12 months since your last period. But ongoing irregularities could point to perimenopause and approaching menopause.

Hot Flashes and Chills

Hot flashes are one of the more stereotypical menopause symptoms, but they're a good indicator of what's happening inside your body. During menopause, the ovaries work less effectively as they try to produce hormones like estrogen and progesterone.

That hormonal change affects the signals in your brain. As a result, your body temperature will fluctuate. You may experience hot flashes at night or sudden chills when ambient temperatures are fine.

Weight Gain

Another hormone-related issue is weight gain. Many women will notice increased body fat around the midsection in particular. There are a few reasons for weight gain during menopause. In addition to hormones, other symptoms can affect how you stay active and burn calories. Your metabolism can also slow down, making it harder to keep fit.

Thinning Hair and Skin Changes

Because your body produces less of those reproductive hormones, your hair and skin may suffer. Hair loss is common during menopause. The same goes for dry skin.

Vaginal dryness is also prevalent. You may also have decreased breast fullness and other physical changes.

When you start to notice these symptoms, consider getting online menopause care. Treatment plans can help you navigate this change while enabling you to reduce unwanted symptoms.

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