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Can My Whole Family Have the Same Doctor?

So you've found a great family doctor in Beverly Hills you want to stick with. They meet all your needs and provide a level of care you trust. Should you bring your entire family to that same doctor?

Primary care doctors play an integral role in your long-term healthcare. They manage your overall health and are typically the first person you see when major issues arise. Most people stick with primary care providers for many years, leading to a trust-based relationship. Your health, your choice: find the best family doctor in Beverly Hills on this website for quality care and well-being.

Once you find the perfect doctor, you should have your whole family see them! Having a single doctor care for your entire family's healthcare needs is beneficial in many ways. The trust is already there, and you can experience additional benefits you wouldn't get by having separate doctors for everyone.

Understanding Your Family's Medical History

One reason to bring your family to the same doctor is to make understanding your medical history easier. When you go to a new provider, you often have to rehash your medical history each time. If you're unfamiliar with your genetic predispositions and other genetic information, you may have to call your relatives for basic information about your risk factors.

That's not an issue when your whole family goes to one doctor. They'll have your family history at their fingertips, making it easier for them to treat everyone. If you or your spouse is predisposed to issues like diabetes or high blood pressure, that doctor will know that there are increased risks for your kids.

That shared knowledge makes a difference.

Treating Shared Illnesses

Another reason to share a family doctor in Beverly Hills is to get whole-family care from one place. Imagine what happens when one person in your household gets ill with a contagious condition like the flu. It's only a matter of time before everyone has it!

Instead of going to separate providers, a single doctor can treat the entire family. In some cases, you can get treatment collectively during one appointment. It saves time and ensures everyone receives the care they need to remain healthy.

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