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What are NFTs?

Cryptocurrency has become a hot topic in recent years as crypto technology has transitioned from digital currency into an investment opportunity. The technology behind cryptocurrencies is known as a blockchain, and blockchains function as digital ledgers where crypto transactions are logged. Over time, enterprising technologists came to realize that blockchains can be used to store other information, and this gave rise to the non-fungible token or NFT.

More Than Just Digital Art

When most people refer to NFTs, they're talking about digital art that gets bought and sold online. Sales information is stored on a blockchain where it is permanently associated with a key.

When you purchase an NFT, you're not purchasing a digital image. Instead, you're purchasing the file of the original image. Although copies of the image can be made just like reproductions of famous paintings can be made, there's only one original. An NFT functions as a certificate of ownership that gets logged on a blockchain, and an NFT can be collected or bought and sold as investments.

How Can You Buy and Sell NFTs?

NFTs can be transacted through private sales, but you might also look into an exchange. An online exchange works like a traditional art dealer in the real world and may use an NFT API.

This API serves as a gateway where the exchange can be connected to NFT sales technologies to facilitate the buying or selling of an NFT right from the dealer's website. A dealer may use a proprietary NFT API or an API provided by an NFT sales platform.

Can You Make Money Selling NFTs?

The question of whether or not NFTs are a good investment comes up often in the world of crypto. The issue really comes down to your goals and how you approach investing.

If you're collecting NFTs for the enjoyment of it, buying and selling NFTs can be a fun hobby. If you want to make money selling NFTs, you will want to follow trends in the market to make smart investment decisions.

Disclaimer: The above is not financial advice. Speak with an investment advisor for guidance regarding NFT and crypto investing.

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