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Guide on How to Exfoliate Your Body

Want to get that sought-after skin glow all over your body? Exfoliation is the key!

Exfoliation is a process of removing dead cells from the upper layers of your skin. Don't worry: It's not as intimidating as it sounds. Exfoliation is good for you because it promotes renewal. The process helps stimulate collagen production, improve skincare product absorption and more. The result is a brighter complexion, smoother skin, a youthful glow and fewer clogged pores.

Not sure how to start? We have you covered.

Mechanical vs. Product-Based Exfoliation

There are two primary ways to exfoliate your skin. Mechanical exfoliation involves using slightly abrasive tools like brushes or sponges. That process can be harsh, so many use exfoliating products instead.

Exfoliating products can include abrasive additives to create a scrub or use high-quality ingredients to do the job. For example, an EWG verified nourishing body exfoliant can gently remove dead skin cells without harsh scrubbing!

How to Exfoliate Based on Skin Type

Those lucky enough to have "normal" skin can exfoliate using products or mechanical methods. The same goes for people with combination skin.

However, if you have sensitive or dry skin, it's best to stick with serums or nourishing exfoliant products. Mechanical exfoliation can cause irritation that would only worsen skin issues.

If you have naturally oily skin, mechanical exfoliation can be a great way to remove buildup. Alternate between using a tool and an EWG verified nourishing body exfoliant to get a good mix of gentle and heavy-duty.

How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Body?

For most people, exfoliating two to three times a week is ideal. That's enough to keep your skin in great condition without overdoing it. Aim to exfoliate in the shower. The warm water will open up your pores, ensuring maximum efficiency.

When exfoliating, treat the entire body. It's important to focus on key problem areas, such as the back of the arms and legs. However, full-body exfoliation can make all the difference. Follow up with a moisturizer when you finish, and you'll have smooth, glowing skin in no time!

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