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Why Your Body Lotion Should Be Unscented

Look through your favorite store's bath and body section, and you'll see lotions in a flurry of scents. It's all there, from sweet and fruity fragrances to sophisticated woodsy scents. But should you use scented body lotion?

Great scents are a staple in the skin and body care industry. While many people love the smell they leave behind, more brands are starting to steer clear of fragrances altogether.

When shopping for the best EWG verified body lotion money can buy, you should go for the unscented options. Here's why.

Fragrance Serves No Purpose

Scents are commonplace in cosmetics, but that doesn't mean you need them. In fact, most dermatologists will tell you to avoid them like the plague! One of the biggest reasons fragrances are on the way out is that they serve no real skincare purpose.

Scents offer zero benefits to your skin's appearance or health. They're only there to make products more appealing to put on. Sometimes, the smell may stay behind after the product absorbs into your skin, leaving a somewhat pleasant aroma.

But what if you don't like the smell? Or better worse, what if the scent is too overpowering?

The truth is that scents often do more harm than good. While not everyone is as sensitive to strong aromas, plenty of people are. If they serve no real purpose, why add them when the scent can be a turnoff to many?

The Risk of Irritation

The biggest reason to avoid scented body lotion is that it could irritate your skin.

People with sensitive skin may experience allergic reactions when using scented lotions. In many cases, the fragrance comes from chemical-based additives. When you have sensitive skin, the scent exacerbates skin issues and creates new ones!

That's true for people with dry skin, atopic dermatitis and anyone allergic to the fragrance ingredients. It's common for scented lotions to cause redness and itchiness. In the worst cases, scented lotions can lead to full-blown hives.

Because fragrances offer no benefits, do yourself a favor and stick to unscented EWG verified body lotion.

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