Stop Advertising. Start Informing & Selling More.

We live in the Information and Instant Gratification Age...

... and consumers want:

  • Information to help make their decisions, not more advertising.
  • To get information where and when it’s convenient for them.
  • To buy or take action the instant they make their decision.
  • To buy locally where they work and live, 66% in fact.

Can you deliver?

Here's how you can...

Promote via information

  • ”When are you open? What’s new? How can you help me today? Do you have this Brand? What’s the soup of the day? Anything new come in?” These are just a few examples of information that you can use to answer consumer’s questions every day while promoting your business at the same time.
  • Start posting the answers to their questions today, and call them your customers tomorrow.

Make it convenient

  • Make it convenient for buyers to find, share, and discover your information in all the places they're connected to.
  • Once you have a buyer’s attention, you need to make it convenient for them to do business with you. Such as:
  • Place an order for pickup or delivery
  • Book and pay for an appointment
  • Buy a prepaid deal
  • Register for an event
  • Get on your VIP email list
  • And more!

Stay engaged with customers

  • Interact with your customers frequently and they will keep buying and recommending you to others.
  • All you need to do to stay in touch is regularly post the same information that you use to gain new customers, to the places where they are following you. They already know you, you just need to stay in front of them with useful information to help them make their buying decisions.

It will take you 20 to 27 hours to do all of this yourself


$1700 to hire someone


You can let EggZack help you, saving you 25+ hours of work and $1,400 a month. It will only take 15 minutes a week and $288 a month to get more local sales, guaranteed.

EggZack allows you to give consumers what they want
AND get more local sales, in less time than you ever imagined!

  • We automate your promotion – With 1 easy post, we automate 8 types of marketing to get your information to more places and reach 70% to 80% more buyers.
  • We make it convenient to buy – With 1 click, anyone can instantly: place an order, book an appointment, make a reservation, get a prepaid deal, register for an event, make a donation, etc.
  • We guarantee it - If your sales don’t increase, you stop paying for our system. Meanwhile, you can keep using it for up to 1 year, free of charge. No one else guarantees more local sales!

PLUS, we’ll get you setup and started the right way.

All EggZack customers get setup/integration for:

- Social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+
- Business citations on 40 to 50 directories plus Yelp and Trip Advisor
- Local search accounts on Google, Yahoo & Bing
- Search engine optimization and SEO mini-website
- Website integration or complete website management
- Blog accounts on Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress
- Email lists
- Menu or Product/Service Catalog
- Appointment Schedule for Service
- Event Registration
- Redeemable Coupons
- Prepaid deals
- Donation or membership fee
- Monthly audit reports to measure your search optimization, local search and website results

Best of all? You don’t need to buy any special equipment or have any experience. In just a few clicks, you’re making the sale. It’s really that easy!

Open Video

Social is more than just facebook


of people use
multiple social networks

Of social Media Users purchase from the businesses they follow on social Media

EGGZACK Automates IT

Getting found on search engines is important


Of consumers use search engines for purchasing decisions

Of searchers don’t go past the 1st page

EGGZACK automates all of the tasks
necessary to optimize your website
and local marketing for search engines.
You won't have to worry about SEO again

Directories drive local buyers

50% of local searches are on local directories and mobile apps wrong information on directories hurts your business
EGGZACK maintains your business info on the top 30 local directories with just one post, saving you time and making sure your info is accurate, everywhere.

Keep your website fresh

Search engines will rank your website higher if it's updated more frequently

Your website is the hub of all of your online and offline marketing; everything should lead back to it

With one post, eggzack automatically updates
your website and makes it easy to keep it fresh.
Eggzack can build you a new website,
integrate with your existing website
or get you a free mini-website

Email newsletter = great R.O.I.

Eggzack automates your
email newsletter via a
weekly or monthly digest
of your posts.

Easily insert your previous posts and
save even more time when creating a
custom email newsletter

Your buyers are Local

80% of our time and money is spent within
25 miles of where we work and live

66% of searching is for local information.
Your information!
Eggzack gets your information
to local websites, portals, media
blogs, and newspapers
where your buyers will see it.

Your buyers are Local

72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from real people.
Eggzack shares your posts as news, email, links, events, and photos to news portals, event calenders, social media, local media, and more! All the places where your buyers are constantly interacting.