EggZack Cracks Lucrative New Media Market!

EggZack Cracks Lucrative New Media Market!



Meg A. Watt, EggZack, Inc. PR and Communications Manager, 888-Egg-Zack ext 742

(BETHLEHEM, PA) EggZack, Inc., this month, announced their strategic service expansion into the newspaper industry on a national level. Citing "the right time and fit", EggZack CEO Jon Zack identified key connections between EggZack's flagship reputation management system offering, and the newspaper industry.

"It's a symbiotic marriage," he said. The software-as-a-system (SaaS) is a natural marriage offering for what most papers are already providing to their customers, but with limited work and an affordable price, allowing for ample markup.

"Many papers are now offering web design, social media optimization and the like. EggZack can be offered to fulfill the social media and search engine optimization component, with literally one posting for 18 online outlet channels. It's unheard of to have this sort of reach, and for newspapers to be the one offering it, they are remaining true to their hyperlocal marketing mission," Zack said.

"This has always been part of our mission, but given the changes in the news industry over the last five years, we wanted to wait until the right time to join forces and team up. As they plunge into the addons market, we know we provide a service they want to offer, with limited time and manpower necessary," added Zack.

EggZack is the flagship product offering from EggZack, Inc., of Bethlehem, PA. A software-as-a-system (SaaS) solution, EggZack allows for the simultaneous broadcasting of content throughout the internet, with one posting. EggZack is a Ben Franklin TechVentures strategic partner, and has almost 2000 clients nationwide.