Membership Has Its Rewards

For an organization, membership means a group of people/volunteers with similar interests or ideas through which it can advance its mission or goals. For a business, membership means a pool of customers with whom it can stay in touch, send promotions to, and whose loyalty can be earned through rewards and special perks. A study by research firm InsightExpress ( reported that 50% of consumers in the country belong to one or more loyalty programs and of them, 56% said these memberships influence their purchases.By giving customers an opportunity to become a "Member":• The business captures important contact information for direct marketing campaigns, and• Customers are given the sense that they are privy to special "Members-only" promotions and may enjoy a benefit from becoming a "frequent/loyal shopper."The most effective way to capture and market to new members is to add a "Members-only" section to your existing website. The same study by InsightExpress found that two-thirds of loyalty programs enrollees joined online!

Whether you are a business or a member-organization, EggZack provides you with customizable templates to capture relevant information from new members. Once a new member is approved, he/she will have access to any designated "Members-only" pages you create via a secure login ID. EggZack also gives you the opportunity to create separate "Members-only" Email marketing lists to use for Member directed Email marketing campaigns. Don't miss out on an EZ opportunity to increase business and members! Contact us today to learn how to start earning your rewards - more traffic and new customers, guaranteed!