Fun is good business!

Hello, my name is Valentine, and I was born in Eastern Europe with four hands and a hidden extra-eye. Before I was one year old, the communists robbed me of my extra-hands and were unable to find my hidden eye. This eye gives me super-powers to fight against the forces of evil, sadness and boredom. Instead of searching for the robbers of my extra-hands, I joined the EggZack team as product manager to build the most powerful weapon against the horrible experience of nothingness.


Perhaps I should back up and explain what I mean by fun.

I am not suggesting you turn your product into a joke (unless, of course, your client is a joker).

I am simply suggesting to make changes that add a bit of fun into the interactions or elements of a design.

I encourage you to create more enjoyable tools, graphics or elements for your customers

Fun is not "silly. Fun is memorable.

The trick is knowing how much fun to add, where is the best to add it, and when to recognize that you've gone too far.

I am sure that there is room for fun in a bank website and for seriousness in a game website.

It is good to allow the users to personalize their experience and help to remember what they to make it their own.

Inspirational video: