The power of a hot shower!

In the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, I was out of power, heat and water at home for 7 days. The thing I missed the most was my hot, morning shower. It's a part of my normal routine and psyche, without it life felt weird, disorganized, NOT normal. It also got me thinking about how a local business affects a person's normal routine and how they could take advantage of customer routine.

We thrive on our own normalcy or routine so we can better cope with the chaos that life throws at us. A local business can gain a huge competitive advantage by becoming a part of that normalcy by creating regular customers.

Regular customers may buy daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly, the point is that they buy with someregularfrequency. The key to gaining more regular customers is to identify what products or services you provide that they can use regularly and then focus on gaining their "regular" business with them. Good communication is also key in attracting and keeping regular customers. Providing them with special services or information is also another way to make them want to become regular customers. Regular customers are more loyal, less price sensitive and less likely to shop elsewhere when your business is a part of their normal.

The main reason customers become regulars is that you are making their life easier or better, figure out how and you will have more regular customers, and a healthier business.