EggZack CEO's Keynote "Jam-Packed" at Inaugural TechFest

Hot on the heels of EggZack's inclusion as finalist for Emerging Technology at this year's Lehigh Valley Business of the Year Awards, an article in this weekend's Morning Call is once again making waves for this rising-star company.

The article, which recapped Lehigh Valley TechFest, included key points from founder and CEO Jon Zack's keynote address, "How to get More Customers".
During the "jam-packed seminar" Zack told the approximately 120 attendees how to use the power of social media and websites to not only get your business in front of more customers, but to also reach out to existing customers.
As Zack pointed out in his talk, five exabytes (five billion gigabytes) of information were stored from the dawn of civilization until 2003. Since 2003, that same amount is stored every few days. The point is how to make sure you and your information stay fresh, relevant, and competitive in such a packed landscape.
This was the inaugural year for Lehigh Valley TechFest, and was coordinated by the Small Business Council and the Young Professionals Council of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce.
"It was a great crowd, really excited about the power of the internet and what it can do for business," said Zack of the talk. "It's all about getting our information out in a fun, informative, engaging way. You love your business, why shouldn't everyone?"
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