From 'Charlotte's Web' to Successful Startup: Recent Article Highlights EggZack CEO

How did classic children's literature inspire EggZack's origin? A recent article in Lehigh Vally Business answered that question.

The article, featured in the Jan. 6 issue of Lehigh Valley Business, showcased EggZack CEO Jon Zack and the EggZack origin story.

"I was watching 'Charlotte's Web' with my daughters back in 2006 and the rat held up an egg and said exactly [pronouncing it eggzackly]," Zack said. "When I saw it, I said 'eggzackly what you want … more sales,' and I liked the word so much."

The article highlights Zack's successful 30 year career in sales and startup technology, as well as the passion of the EggZack team.

In addition to Zack, the current leadership team consists of Kyle Thomas, Valentin Zaraf, Elizabeth Rich, and Steven Chiocchi. "It's an amazing group that I get to come to work with every day," said Zack. "This team really understands the vision of EggZack, and I am thrilled with our trajectory."

EggZack was also recently honored by Lehigh Valley Business at their annual Business of the Year awards, as a top "Emerging Technology".