The Heartbleed Bug - What you need to know

At this point, you have likely heard about "The Heartbleed Bug", which came to the public's attention on Monday. Though there is a great deal of information available, how this bug affects you in your daily life will vary by your use of the internet. The bug affects sites using something called OpenSSL, which is technical to explain, but we wanted you to know EggZack is NOT built with OpenSSL so we are not affected by this flaw.

However, if you change your passwords to linked sites like Facebook and Twitter, please remember to update your connections in the EggZack system to avoid any interruption in connection when you post.

We encourage you to take a moment and read up on Heartbleed and to take action as necessary. If you have been notified that a site is affected, change your password only after the patch has been applied. As always, vigilance with your information, your security and your finances should be observed as sites identify and resolve this threat. To learn more about Heartbleed, this recent article on CNET answers many of the questions we have heard from our customers, and can help you traverse through your uncertainty.

We value your trust in us, and your use of our system. Rest assured, your information is safe here. If you have any further questions or concerns, please open a help ticket so we can assist you further.

Have a great weekend.

-The EggZack Team