EggZack CEO Cited as "SmartCEO" Award Nominee

BETHLEHEM, PA - "Everyone loves to be honored, but called a smart CEO? Ya, that's pretty awesome."

Jon Zack discussed his recent nomination for an Innovator category Voltage Award nominee from SmartCEO is a highlight in his prestigious career. The CEO for EggZack, a "local sales system" based in the Lehigh Valley, Zack is thrilled to be included in a round of nominees in his category in the Philadelphia market.

"This is an honor because it not only recognizes our product, but also the work I do as a CEO to innovate the field," Zack explained.

According to the SmartCEO website, "The Voltage Awards celebrate the ever-increasing role that technology plays in the business community and the impact the technology sector will have on economic growth. The program recognizes leading technology innovators and implementers."

Zack's many roles in the development of technology have made him a standout through the years for accolades, but this particular nomination epitomizes his goal: to leave a lasting impact on the business world through smart solutions.

Zack is reverent about his business impact through innovation. "When we're kids, we believe one day we can make a difference. How lucky am I to really have the ability to achieve that goal? It's humbling and empowering, all at once. I'm honored to do my part in shaping the future."

Winners of the Voltage awards will be announced at a gala on Thursday, May 28, 2014, in Philadelphia, PA.

EggZack, Inc., located in Bethlehem, PA, offers a software-as-a-system (SaaS) local sales solution for businesses. The patented EggZack system simplifies consumer communication by automating a business's eight main marketing hubs, including their web sites, blogs, social media sites, directories, newsletters, search engine optimization and news outlets--all with one post and guaranteed results. EggZack has nearly 2000 clients nationwide, and continues to grow rapidly. For more information, visit