EggZack acquires local commerce platform to provide end-to-end sales solution



Bethlehem, PA - December 11, 2014 - EggZack, the patented automated local marketing system, has announced its recent acquisition of Trellis Technologies, a leading local commerce company, which now enables the company to deliver an integrated and automated sales and marketing system to its 4,500+ local business clients.

"We're very excited about our acquisition of Trellis because our solution, together with theirs, creates a simplified and automated way to enable local companies to promote and transact with local consumers effectively," said Jon Zack, Founder and CEO of EggZack.

"EggZack is the only patented automated marketing system for local businesses to increase their visibility and generate leads. With the acquisition of Trellis, EggZack can now close the local sales loop by making it convenient for these leads to convert to real-time transactions with local businesses," adds Zack. "We have leveled the playing field for local businesses so they can compete locally head on with their big box and national competitors."

The patented EggZack system combines inbound and outbound marketing to make it easier for companies to increase local visibility, generate leads, and increase sales. Local business operators have struggled to keep up with online marketing and they find it increasingly difficult to deliver relevant content to their audiences in order to generate new leads. These audiences continue to fragment across more and more media channels.

Further, when today's consumers are ready to transact, they want instant gratification, which local businesses have difficulty providing. With the acquisition of Trellis, EggZack solves these problems for its clients with a simple end-to-end solution that integrates and automates the management of their website, search engine optimization, social media, local search, email marketing, blogs, video, and directory optimization with just one post, while making it convenient for the consumer to transact in real-time with the local business when they are most interested.

"The EggZack platform represents a unique opportunity for us to better enable businesses to promote and transact in one system automatically," said Kevin Kowalski, President of Trellis. "EggZack's vision for helping local businesses reach and transact with a larger, local audience is one that helps those businesses thrive in the complicated online world."

Randall Richard, CEO of Trellis "Being acquired and joining the EggZack team was an easy decision for us since both companies are focused on helping local businesses succeed. With our local commerce system, integrated with EggZack's platform, we can provide a much more effective and easy-to-use system than what is currently available in the market."

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EggZack provides an automated sales and marketing system that is specially designed for businesses that serve local markets. The web- and mobile-based platform makes local marketing easier and more effective for sole proprietors, franchises and national chain stores by integrating and automating the management of their website, search engine optimization, social media, local search, email marketing, blogs, video, and directory optimization to generate more local leads. The system then makes it convenient for the leads to convert to transactions. The company, a client of the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania, is also backed by private investors and is headquartered at Ben Franklin TechVentures® in Bethlehem, PA. Visit


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