New Features: Manage Images & Share Posts!

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday we sent out a mass update containing what's to be expected from EggZack. Two recent changes you may have noticed are Like/Share buttons on your content pages and Moxie Manager- a new way to manage your files and images in EggZack. In our first feature update, of many to come, here is everything you need to know about the two!

Like/Share bar: For Hosted Website Pages

The Like/Share bar will appear on all pages with shareable content. We've made it convenient for your readers to like or share your content without leaving your page! This helps get your content in more places faster and easier.

Moxie Manager:

The Moxie Manager is the newest addition to the EggZack platform to manage your files. You'll find the manager when you Browse for photos in Promote and Add/Edit Pages in Website. With MoxieManager integration, we're giving you more control over your file uploads.

  • Here's what you can do!
    • --View previous uploads hosted on your EggZack Account
    • --Upload and manage different filetypes:
    • --jpg, jpeg, png, gif, html, htm, txt, docx, doc, zip, pdf
    • --Easier file navigation with the ability to sort and change views

  • Coming Soon:
    • --Ability to filter
    • --Ability to manage files
    • --Edit images, files, names, and more!

To learn in more detail how to use the Moxie Manager, CLICK HERE. Give us a call if you have any trouble and we will be happy to assist.

Have a great day!


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