New Improvements: Moxie, Facebook, Events, & Formats

Hi All,

Last week we told you about our Moxie Manager and the Like/Share bar. Some of you experienced issues and we apologize for that. Thank you for being patient as we resolved what our testing did not uncover.

In the spirit of moving forward we bring to you a few more user improvements. First, we give you an update for Facebook. Posts to Facebook Profiles will now display Larger Images making your post more eye-catching and taking up more screen real estate. Now you have a reason to use those nice new cameras and smartphones you received for the holidays. Please note, the larger images are only displayed on Profiles and not Pages. A profile belongs to a human/user while a Page belongs to a business but is managed by users. For an example of Profile posts click HERE. For an example of a page post click HERE.

Second, you can now add End Times to Events. That's right, your event will now last longer than 59 seconds in the eyes of the internet, and your guests will know when they need to leave so you can clean up. Existing events will display the same Start and End time. We didn't want to make any assumptions. To find out how to edit these, click HERE.

Lastly, you now have more options - font size options that is. We realize this is a feature that was needed but missing to let you create your content with some style.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at the email or phone number below.


Your EggZack Client Care Team


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