Top 10 Sales Personality Traits

What is it that makes salespeople successful? Beyond hard work this is not an easy question to answer. Although it may seem that the best salespeople have a natural talent and can "sell ice to eskimos," without hard work there would be very little success. So what is it that makes these salespeople so great at their profession? Comidor collaborated with many successful professionals, including EggZack's CEO Jon Zack, to put together a list of the top 10 personality traits that all salespeople have in common.

It is clear that having passion is essential for a successful career in sales where you need to have tough skin and be able to hear the word "no," a lot. Having enthusiasm for your job is easily translated to your potential buyers and this will inevitably lead to a sale. At the end of the day, making a sale is the final goal. Not only must effective salespeople have enthusiasm, but also an optimistic outlook. This is key because "it takes time to build a pipeline and foster relationships," as Jon shared. Excellent salespeople are very attune to their customers and are able to properly gauge their reactions towards a sales pitch and readjust their strategy on the spot. Customers want to feel as if their needs and wants are being fulfilled, they want to know that their purchase will add value to their lives. A successful salesperson will leave the buyer with this feeling after a sale and will be able to foster relationships with them for future business.

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