New Feature: EZ File Editor!

Hey Everyone,

It's that time of the week to update you with the latest updates from EggZack. Recently, we launched the new file manager, Moxie Manager. Going forward, it will be known as the EZ File Manager to give you control of your files and, more specifically, your photos.

This week we introduce Editing Features to the EZ File Manager!

Have you ever accidentally uploaded a photo upside down, or thought, "I wish I could easily touch up this photo before sending it everywhere"? As part of the EZ File Manager, this all new Editor will allow you to do just that.

The Editor brings you control over your files, beloved filters, photographer-grade tools, and the ability to edit photos on-the-fly, all from one place. No more third party software needed. Instead, use the Editor to manage your files and create high quality images in real-time so that you can see EggZackly what you are getting.

You can use these new tools by selecting Add Image in the Promote page. In the EZ File Manager select Manage > Edit on a photo of your choosing. For more detailed information on how to edit photos click HERE.

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