Why America is the Best in Business - Kids!

I recently had the pleasure of supporting a Saucon Valley High School Teacher and her Entrepreneur Class (as seen here in the picture). The class, comprised of mostly freshmen, a sophomore and a senior, created business plans and made presentations to a "Shark Tank" like panel of judges; I was one of the judges.

I have pitched 100's of times and seen 100's more at Venture fairs and the like, and these young entrepreneurs compared and exceeded a lot of those presentations - some of mine too! They were amazing, even the worst presentation was incredible!

Some have said we, as a country, have lost our competitive edge, maybe, I'm not sure. Yet each time we slide a little, another generation of talented, smart and hard working young people come along and remind us of why we are such a great country.

Congrats to the next generation of entrepreneurs; take risks, be bold and kick some global butt!