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Hire Someone? or Do it Yourself?

Hiring someone can be challenging.

• Studies show that paying a company or person to manage your local marketing can cost up to $1700 per month!

• How do you know that they are going to get it right?

• Are they spending your money on what you actually need most?

• By the time they get it right, you may have already wasted thousands on their mistakes just getting there.

Doing it yourself isn't easy.

• Managing your own local marketing is no easy task, and can take up to 27 hours per month!

• New tools and services are coming out every day, do you have time to keep up with all of them?

• Once you get a handle on the best tools to DIY, how can you track everything together and figure out what works best?

• Even if you’re saving money by doing your own local marketing, the market is ever changing. Keeping up with everything can be a time suck, and your time is money.

They Want Information, Not Marketing

Too Much "Noise"

These days, businesses are sending out an avalanche of local marketing, promoting their products and services, and asking local customers to buy things and go places.

According to Google, the number of people looking for local information is nearly doubling every year. Sending out useful information that helps your customers, as opposed to marketing content, is a surefire way to gain loyal listeners and followers.

Use the 80/20 method

The 80/20 rule in local marketing is simple, give your customers useful information 80% of the time, and slip in what your business does 20% of the time. This way, when they are ready to buy the types of goods or services you offer, they will be purchasing from a business they trust and like and you don't have to worry about scaring them away with too much marketing.

ONE Post Manages it All

Your buyers are everywhere
on the web.

One post gets your info everywhere, then drives interested buyers to your website.
This is how you get more sales.

See What's Working, and Where

I highly recommend EggZack to any business.

I highly recommend EggZack to any business. I have a catering business and one of the best decisions I have made in my advertising and website choices was switching to EggZack two years ago now. I am truly satisfied with everything EggZack has to offer. I see results every month. Last year alone I had 25 plus contact requests. Which I actually landed around 18 out of them. Some were a lot of big parties and prestigious wedding I would not have had without the exposure Eggzack provides. Peter Collip from Egg Zack is one of the best at his crafts. I have never had an issue which EggZack or Peter Collip didn't personally attend to immediatley! Once everything is set up it is very easy to navigate and customize your way! I am far from computer savy and I can honestly say EgZack makes me look like a pro. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at 570-236-7764 nick Sandt Chef/co Owner of The Culinary Experience & Catering

400% increase in website traffic

"Our traffic to our website has increased over 400% since we moved our publishing business to EggZack 4 months ago." LifeStyle over 50 - Jeff Tintle

The Customer Service is beyond outstanding

"The Customer Service that EggZack provides is beyond outstanding. Prompt response to issues is unparalleled. Add to that the company's desire to teach customers how to use and manage the software to meet their needs and you have a formula for customer loyalty that is seldom realized by other software companies. It is a pleasure to deal with the Eggzack Team".

Adrienne @ ProCare

EggZack has provided Equi-librium with innovative tools to enhance our web presence

The products are beautiful and user friendly, and the staff is extraordinarily helpful. Our new web template was developed with ease and has enhanced our professional image. Having the folks at EggZack on your creative team are truly an asset to any organization!

Teri @ Equi-librium

$20K ecommerce sales in just 2 weeks

In September we started using EggZack to promote our e-commerce site that sells contract furniture to the restaurant and hospitality industries. Since then we have seen a jump in web traffic and sales. Specifically, we launched a Spanish content initiative to publish articles in Spanish. Two weeks later we received a very large order that can only be credited to EggZack for bringing us the business.

Jeff T. @

• Reach 70%-80% more buyers
• 100% to 300% increase in traffic
• See what works & where
• Save 27 hours per month OR
• Save $1700 per month

Pay as You Grow. Stop Wasting Time and Money.

EggZack has a plan for all stages of your growth. From getting found online to growing your business faster, we'll grow together. We have carefully crafted a system that will help you reach new heights and increase your local sales - guaranteed.

We're here to help you succeed.

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