EZ Website

Drive more leads and sales with a professionally created and managed website using EggZack

Your website is the hub of all of your marketing and web sales, and is the best representation of your business on the web.

EggZack’s proprietary content management system (CMS) automates all of the mundane yet necessary tasks needed to ensure your website drive leads and increase sales. It is simple to use yet powerful enough to provide you with the latest web tools and features.

EggZack’s CMS is fully integrated with our Automated Sales and Marketing system which ensures your website will:

  • Automatically be optimized for search engines
  • Instantly update with your latest posts & information
  • Index 40% to 70% faster on search engines for higher page ranking
  • Have an active, inviting homepage with call-to-actions
  • Be easy to add new pages, features and update content
  • Automatically manage your past events, old news, expired offers, etc.
  • Automatically maintain your hours, maps, social media, meta tags and email lists
  • Automatically upgrade to the latest State-of-the-Art technology and features
  • Incorporate Best-of-Class web standards and policies
  • Be responsive to mobile and tablet technologies
  • Have inline editing for easier text updating in your browser
  • Automatically Integrate with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools for rich analytics

All you need to do is make posts or add/edit content, EggZack’s system will take care of the rest.